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IndoCoin Gold (IndoAU) - COMING SOON

‣ Physical gold is purchased at the same time an Indocoin Gold token is purchased.
‣ The ownership of an IndoAU token is a digital ownership of 1g of 0.9999 quality gold.
‣ The physical gold is bought and sold simultaneously in exchange for Rupiah.
‣ We take care of storage, insurance and buying and selling of the physical metal for you.
‣ The token holder does not need to worry about storage, theft or being cheated with weight and quality.
‣ The price of gold tracks the international Gold Bullion market spot price.
‣ You can own and trade gold without having to hassle of dealing with the physical metal.
‣ Gold prices are a protection against inflation and economic recession.
‣ With gold prices projected to increase in the years to come, this is a great investment for everyone starting as low as 1g.

A brief history of the Rupiah

A thumbnail history of Indonesian currency and some assumptions on the emergence of a national identity

There are times when events move irresistibly in one direction, and it takes one or two trigger points to cause a directional change. Sometimes the salpetre is wet. In the early days of Indonesia’s independence, the Rupiah was not in use as an official currency. It was still a fledgling currency, and had to prove its attractiveness to the market. What’s in a name? The root of the word comes from the Sanskrit rupa and rupya, which have a cluster of meanings, but stress the origination or emanation of something, a demiurgic impulse, if you will. It  can denote a silver or even a gold coin; or any coin that has an imprint, is embossed or debossed in some fashion. It marked the strong influence of the Hindu-Buddhist kingdoms for hundreds of years in Indonesia, arguably co-creating the particular form of Nusantara Islam that makes Indonesia such a peaceful place and companionable world, but this silver lining — all puns intended — was unable to stave off the Asian Financial crisis of 1997.